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Quality Boutique Photo Stock

Angela Cameron - 3000+ fine art images created specifically for interior designers but also available as stock art.
Arcangel Images - High quality creative stock imagery, with international emphasis including Images of Spain.
AP Images - Online, fine photography collection marketed to designers, corporations, advertising agencies, and publishers.
Art+Commerce - NYC/Paris based photographers. Its Image Archive licenses work for advertising, editorial and special projects.
Bransch - Founded in Hamburg, Germany, now with branches in NYC and Paris. More than 40 photographers and illustrators. - High quality fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Rights managed. New York and Munich, Germany.
GalileoPix - RM creative and editorial imagery, intended to "stand out from the crowd," by small group of photographers. Travel, dance, urban.
Gallery Stock - Licenses the images of over 130 top photographers. Has advanced search facilities or browse by photographer.
Glasshouse Images - Boutique stock photo and representation agency, catering to creatives who want distinctive imagery.
Ikon Images - Design driven and enhanced RM images by top UK-based illustrators and photographers. Brings illustration to the world of stock photography.
Independent Photography Network - A network of independent photographers, rep groups and agencies offering unique rights-managed images.
Lens Modern - Founded by 50 top photographers, all of whom have shares in the company. Stunning stuff. Well organized.
Magnum - Legendary photographic cooperative of great diversity, owned by its photographer members. 500,000+ images.
Mode Images - Boutique agency with a small team of photographers that produces contemporary imagery on general subjects, marketed internationally.
Monsoon Images - Art-based photography that caters to the high end advertising industry. Part of The Photolibrary Group.
onimage - UK picture agency with a fresh, contemporary style. Rights managed images: people, landscapes, interiors and urban subjects.
Other Images - Created by Colombian photographer Carlos Angel, an agency for high quality RM/RF images for ad agencies, print and electronic media, publishers, designers, etc.
Panos Pictures - London-based independent photo agency representing photojournalists worldwide. 500,000+ images.
Picdesk - Images of women for professional editorial and advertising purposes. Australian site.
Schumann & Company - Photographers' agency, representing many award-winning photographers. Founded by Patti Schumann.
StockShop - Boutique agency offering selected RM/RF images from both new and established photographers in Europe, Asia and the United States.
Tetra Images - "Clean, contemporary and conceptual pictures...relevant to today's sophisticated art buyer." All-digital. Key concepts with a fresh twist.
Trigger Image - Images that have been handpicked from the portfolios of top photographers, showing "emotive, creative imagery."
Trunk Images - "Creative Image Licensing" of photos and movies by NYC-based agency. Interface tends to be slow. - Independent health and beauty image provider with an exclusive collection of fresh, rights managed photography.
vario images - With 200 photographers and partner agencies, individual photographic concepts and their vizualisation. Bonn, Germany.
Wonderful Machine - Boutique web portal dedicated to connecting the world's most talented photographers with the industry's most discerning clients.

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