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AGPix - Online community of 350+ image providers, mostly freelance photographers, and over 230,000 images. Buyers can list wants. - "Have a pro @ your side - online, anytime!" Where beginners can develop their skills.
Collective Lens - "Upload a photo and help bring awareness to important issues around the world." Promises social change as result. - "An Internet tool for the realization of the free market." Well organized RM/RF photos/illustrations on all subjects. 50 percent commission.
Flickr - Needs no introduction. Yahoo! property. Pioneered folksonomy and tag clouds. Millions of images of everything and everyone.
fotoLIBRA - Open access marketplace where 20,000 photographers sell their images. Anyone can browse. Register to buy. - Open to all photographers who live or work in Ireland. Corporate, fashion, landscape, nature and other subjects.
Mira - From Creative Eye Cooperative. Travel, Americana, business, underwater, food, landscape, cityscapes, lifestyle, education, wildlife, conceptual and adventure sports.
Nature Photographers - Online resource for nature photographers, with a selected collection of great photos posted by NPN Photographers.
Open Photography Forums - Open forum for professional and enthusiast photographers worldwide. Many great pics.
PBase - Some stunning galleries among a mass of variable quality. Brilliant site for finding shots taken by specific cameras/lenses.
PhotoArtz - Free online community for models and photographers from all over the world. Good place for fresh, unseen material.
PhotographersDirect - Portal for connecting photographers with buyers. Photographers get 80 percent of sale price. All types of images. - Megasite. Appeals to beginners and amateurs, but also has a huge stock of excellent pictures. - Free social commerce network for artists, authors, photographers, designers, stock image libraries, publishers, and document libraries.
RedBubble - An open,inclusive website where photographers can share their art, photography and design with the world.
ShutterPoint - NY-based site where photographers can post their images and sell them to buyers worldwide on a royalty-free basis.
Smugmug - For all photographers. Fast approaching a billion images, some brilliant, some not. Family firm originally, now with 50 employees.
Sports Shooter - Online community and resource for sports photographers and other working photojournalists.
Zenfolio - "Where photographers - both amateurs and professionals - can organize, display, and sell their images with uncompromising quality." Great presentation.

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