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Agence VU - French agency with 30+ photographers; European rep for Oculi (Australia), Moment (Sweden), and Gazeta (Poland).
A.D.A.M - Amnesty Digital Asset Management. Large collection of images related to human rights, held at London-based research center.
Archivolatino - From Colombia: photojournalism and some stock photography. Hard-hitting photo stories from South America.
argus Fotoarchiv - German photojournalist site, focusing on business, politics, the environment, transport, health, travel and social issues.
Aurora Photos - Outdoor adventure, lifestyle & sports, travel, cultures and journalism. High quality, RM, model-released images. Reps many top Euro sites in U.S. - Formed when photo agency Grazia Neri closed, carries the work of some of Italy's greatest photographers.
Care Images - High-res, RF images of disability, elderly and other aspects of social care. UK site, with subscription scheme, for local authorities, agencies, charities.
Contact Press Images - NYC-based news photo agency with great reputation for war and "war on terror" reporting.
Contrasto - Italian agency with around 50 photographers and many ongoing collaborative projects. Reps other agencies in Italy.
Cooper Photos France - Images of France, chiefly by Paul Cooper but also by other, freelance photographers. News, sport, reportage and corporate images.
Cosmos - Independent photo agency based in Paris, France. 100,000+ images online. Quality photojournalism documenting social issues.
Das Fotoarchiv - Based in Germany, high quality photojournalism from 350 photographers around the globe.
Effigie - Photojournalistic production, specializing in culture: especially portraits of Italian and foreign writers. 15,000 authors in database. 200,000+ images.
Gazeta - Polish political, social, cultural and sports events pictured day by day by 50+ photographers throughout the country.
Godong - "The photo agency of people and religions." French agency specializing in religions and development issues.
Hungry Eye Images - London-based independent agency representing photographers across the world. Contemporary projects and 100,000+ archive photos on social history, politics, ethnology.
Jeremy Nicholl Photography - Documentary images from Russia and the Former Soviet Union by a Northern Ireland-born photographer based in Moscow.
KCS Presse - French photo agency, specializing in editorial images: people, politics, news, entertainment and features.
Kyodo News Photos - Tens of thousands of images from Japan, China, North and South Korea and other Asian and Pacific Rim countries.
Magnum Photos - With a distinguished history, one of the best-known of all photo news feature organizations.
Maverick Photo Agency - Scottish news, features and travel picture agency, updated from around the world by Maverick photographers.
Moment Agency - Scandinavia's foremost photojournalist agency, producing powerful images on assignment and through personal projects.
NAR Photos - Independent photographers' collective, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Aim is "to show the various conditions in human life."
Oculi - Australian. Offers a "poetic visual narrative of our time and our region, through 10 distinctive styles and perspectives."
Panos Pictures - Independent photo agency covering social and political issues in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.
Photofusion - Contemporary life in the UK depicted by 100 photographers: children, education, elderly, environment, families, health, housing, homelessness, etc.
Political Stock - The US political scene: campaigning, government officials, places. All RF. "The political process at affordable prices."
Noor Images - Dutch agency with 10 members, providing independent in-depth visual reports from troublespots around the globe.
R.É.A. - "Images of the Global Economy." 2,000,000+ high-resolution images online. Based in Paris, France.
Reportdigital - Photojournalism, covering UK issues with many international images, too: work, economy, trade unions, health, education, environment, refugees, and so on.
Spectrum Pictures - Prague-based photography agency specializing in Central and Eastern Europe.
Sylent-Press - Based in Hamburg, Germany: "daily matters and stories, showbiz, reports, tv-production, actors and more".
The Cover Story - TCS provides first rights to quality stories and photojournalism to a broad range of publishers around the world.
UPA Photo - United Photographers Archive: unique and eye-catching news, celebrity, sport, music, politics, royalty, entertainment, and other images.
VII Agency - Photo agency with offices in Paris, NYC and California. Powerful, topical images from a dozen top photographers.

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