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Nature, Landscape, Wildlife

Africapic - Predominantly wildlife, but also recreation and sports, models, aviation, and images of Southern Africa.
AnD Photos - Focus is on animal behaviour and habitats, from the smallest insects to the rarest mammals and reptiles. Many images are from the remotest locations.
Animals Animals - Represents rights managed natural history images, wildlife, landscapes, travel, geology, plants, and outdoor sports.
ANT Photo Library - 20,000+ great images from the ANT collection of Australian animals and environment, plus 50,000 RF images of world environmental subjects.
ARDEA - Independent specialist photographic library supplying high quality images of wildlife, pets and the environment. Well organized browsing and searching.
Auscape - Rights managed natural history photography from Australia. 250,000+ quality images of landscapes and wildlife. Note: no RF.
biosphoto - "Nature, environment, garden". French agency with selection of high quality images for editorial and advertising. Many partnerships.
Buiten-Beeld - European specialist for images of wildlife, landscape and nature, representing leading photographers. 200,000+ images.
Byron Jorjorian - Nature, wildlife, landscape, and scenic stock photography. Based in Thompsons Station, Tennessee.
Color-Pic, Inc. - Travel, wildlife, technology and a large searchable database of science and natural history photos.
CritterZone - Animal pictures, insect photos, nature stock photography and wildlife photography: much of the world's fauna.
Dembinsky - Around 750,000 digital images on science, natural history, travel, and related subjects, with worldwide coverage.
DRK Photo - Established in 1980. Strong emphasis on worldwide wildlife, marine life, and natural history photography.
Dwight Kuhn - A well-known specialist photographer who takes close-up shots of small animals and insects. Based in Dexter, Maine.
Fogden Wildlife Photographs - Run by professional zoologists: collection of high quality images on natural history subjects, esp. rain forest and deserts.
FotoNatura - High quality imagery of flora, fauna, cityscapes, landscapes: agriculture, tourism, recreation, environment, natural phenomena. Dutch.
Frans Lanting - One of the world's great nature photographers: National Geographic Photographer-in-Residence. Wildlife images from the Amazon to Antarctica.
Images of Nature - 30 years of award winning photography by Thomas D. Mangelsen. Bears, eagles, cranes, penguins, etc.
Joel Sartore Stock - Over 30,000 images on file, most of which available for editorial or commercial license. 10,000 online.
Lightningsmiths - Severe weather images: lightning, tornadoes, clouds, and other weather related phenomena by storm photographers A.T. Willett and Jeff Smith.
Lineair Fotoarchief - Dutch photo library of around 1.5 million nature and environmental images. Member of Whole Earth Alliance collaboration.
Minden Pictures - Highest quality, rights managed images of animals and earth for professional applications. California-based.
Mountain Light - Galen and Barbara Rowell's landscape photography archive, famous for its pictures of the High Sierra and Eastern Sierra. - RM and RF images from National Geographic, one of the most comprehensive collections in the world.
Natural Exposures - The wildlife stock photography and nature pictures of Daniel J. Cox. From Antarctica to Zaire.
Natural Visions - Specialist collection of wildlife photography, plants and garden stock images by Heather Angel and associates, showing the diversity of our living world.
Naturimages - French library specializing in nature, activities/crafts linked to nature, the environment, ecological living, and sustainable development.
Nature Picture Library - Specially strong in animal portraits and behaviour but also includes landscapes and travel, plants, tribal peoples.
NHPA - Specialist online source for images of wildlife and nature, representing leading photographers in this field. 100,000+ images. - "The Resource for Nature Photographers." Has many stunning images of wildlife and nature.
Okapia - Founded by Michael and Professor Dr. Bernhard Grzimek: one of Europe’s leading wildlife picture agencies.
Organics Image Library - Flowers, plants, trees, and herbs, plus evocative land and seascapes. All royalty free.
Oxford Scientific - "The Natural World Specialist." Yes, there are others, but Oxford Scientific is surely among the very best. Images/footage.
Papilio - Wildlife and natural history. The work of Robert Pickett and many other award winning photographers.
Peter Arnold, Inc. - RF/RM images of wildlife, nature, environment, science and third world. 600,000 images available for high-resolution download.
PictureNature - Natural world images from many photographers around the globe. Great diversity of styles and subjects.
RSPB Images - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has 27,000+ images taken by 60 wildlife photographers, available via digital download.
RSPCA Photolibrary - Pets, mammals, reptiles, birds, farm animals, veterinary work, animal welfare images from the UK's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Steve Bloom - "Photographing our living world." Especially strong in images of wildlife and peoples of Africa. 3 photographers. UK-based.
Still Pictures - Specialist collections on environment, nature and Third World issues, plus health, culture, religion, education, etc. UK based.
Terra Brasil Imagens - Natural history and other images from Brasil -- and not just the rain forest, but all over.
Terra Galleria - Specialist independent stock photo agency representing for image licensing the work of Quang-Tuan Luong.
The Image Finders - 350,000 digital images, even more on film: natural history and environment. Esp. strong on all aspects of Ohio.
Windigo Images - Hunting, fishing, camping, outdoors, and wildlife, from a collection of 140,000 images.


EcoPhotography - The adventure and landscape photography of conservation photographers Jerry and Marcy Monkman.
Ecoscene - Represents more than 200 photographers from around the world, taking images on environment and wildlife: global warming, green living, habitat loss, etc.
Global Warming Images - Run by environmental photographer Ashley Cooper, GWI documents the impacts of global warming worldwide. Power consumption, floods, forest fires, glacial retreat, etc.
Greenpeace Images - Environmental issues and campaigns: whales and dolphins, industrial production and waste disposal, acid rain and CFCs. Also Greenpeace International.

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