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Marine, Sailing, Surfing Images

A-Frame Photo - Database of surf and ocean related images for art directors, marketing managers and agency art buyers.
Blue Green Pictures - Represents some of the world's best marine photographers; is sister organisation to Nature Picture Library.
Gilles Martin-Raget - Images by French yachtsman/photographer Gilles Martin-Rage, whose work is prominent in sailing magazines.
Image Quest Marine - Both marine and freshwater images, with special focus on plankton but including other wildlife. Many biologists contribute images and footage to it.
Jürgen Freund Photography - The work of German photographer Jürgen Freund and his Philippine wife Stella Chiu Freund: underwater, aerial, land.
Kos Pictures - Kos Picture Source represents 200+ marine photographers, covering sailing, racing, classic yachts, commercial shipping, weather, lifestyle, etc.
Marine Themes - "The world's largest marine wildlife image database" with fish, sharks, rays, birds, mammals, plants, and related subjects.
Mondragon Photography - Underwater, science, and natural history photography by Jeff Mondragon and other professional wildlife and underwater photographers. - The archive of underwater images by BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner Reinhard Dirscherl. 30,000 photos and growing. - Highest quality images for commercial and editorial use: Great Barrier Reef, sea birds and seascapes; land animals, too.
Seapics - Stock photography specializing in exceptional aquatic wildlife images taken by top photographers around the world. - Licenses surf related imagery worldwide to corporate, media, art buyers, art directors and individual clients.
The Stephen Frink Collection - The work of marine and underwater photographer Stephen Frink, together with images from other top marine photographers. Scuba, sharks, beaches, fish, snorkeling, etc.
Tidal Stock - Ocean and water life photography. "We know 'cool,' we know trends..." Great for surfer pix.
Waterframe - German archive of underwater images: fish, corals and coral-reefs, dolphins and whales, sharks and turtles, divers.

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