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Individual Photographers

Alan Copson Pictures - Images by professional stock photographer Alan Copson, who is London-based and travels widely.
Andrew Wiard - UK photojournalist who works in many fields, including PR, events, corporate and education. Also has own stock library at (needs registration).
Animal Photography - The work of Sally Anne Thompson, a well-known photographer of dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. RM photos.
Axis-5 Images - The work of American photojournalist Jock Fistick, based in Brussels, Belgium, with images from assignments in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. - Baby photography by Penny Gentieu, whose work has been featured on 200 magazine covers, 9 times on the cover of Newsweek.
Chameleons Eye - The work of Israeli photojournalist Rafael Ben-Ari: images of Israel and the Middle East.
Cheadle Photography - Well known Canadian stock photographer and author with 50,000+ images on travel subjects, business, concept, nature, wildlife, sports, and lifestyle.
Chip Forelli Studio - Fine art and commercial photography. Industrial and landscapes on assignment. Licenses image collections and produces exhibition prints.
Chris Bonington Picture Library - Climber and author Chris Bonington's images from expeditions to Everest and other destinations. All related subjects: people, places, temples.
Chris Crumley - 15,000 images from EarthWater Stock Photography and Chris Crumley's master image file in searchable database.
Darby Sawchuk Photography - The work of a freelance travel photographer originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, now living in UK.
Darlene Bordwell Photography - Historical travel and other editorial subjects: New York, New England and beyond. 25,000+ images.
David A. Dobbs - Based in Atlanta, Georgia, David A. Dobbs is a much-published photographer of architecture, interiors, and people-at-work.
David Bacon - Stories and photographs by American photojournalist, specializing in immigration issues and transnational communities.
David Hoffman Photo Library - The photos of David Hoffman, covering racial and social conflict, policing, homelessness, drugs, poverty and social exclusion. UK and international.
David M. Grossman Photography - "Real life" people photography, depicting the human drama in its nuances and meaning.
David Wall Photo - Extensive stock photo library covering New Zealand, Australia and Fiji, with many aerial images. - Professional stock photography and digital images by Randy Santos, of Washington D.C. landmarks.
Eagle Visons Photography - Based in Carmel Valley, California, Craig Lovell's studio, producing travel, natural history, food, and music related images.
Education Photos - Brilliant archive of 20,000+ images by specialist photographer John Walmsley on all aspects of education, + classic B&W photos of celebrities, demonstrations, etc., from 1960's/70's.
Erickson Productions - RM images by Jim Erickson on subjects ranging from business to architecture, landscapes, people and sport.
Gary K Smith - Images from Norfolk in England: nature, farming, gardening, lifestyle.
Geoff Doré - Award-winning freelance photographer based in England, with around 2,000 nature/wildlife images online out of 130,000.
Gibson Stock Photography - "Graphically powerful and commercially useful images" by Mark and Audrey Gibson, who produce 20,000 photos a year.
Island Focus - Sue Anderson's travel images of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, for business and professional use.
Janine Wiedel Photo Library - UK-based site carrying Janine Wiedel's images: social issues at home and abroad, youth, homelessness, drugs, women's issues, education, protest, etc.
Jef Maion - All the material here is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Travel images, wild areas.
John Cleare Mountain Camera - John Cleare's stunning images from the Alps to the Antarctic. Not only mountains, but desert travel, white-water rafting and other activities.
John T. Fowler - Flora and fauna shots by Canadian photographer: butterflies, bees, beetles, wildflowers, mushrooms and trees.
Josh McCulloch - Commercial photographer based in Victoria, Canada, specializing in lifestyle, action sports, nature and travel photography.
Juraj Kaman - Award winning Czech photographer who travels the world: 60 countries on four continents. - Travel and landscape photography in high-res medium format transparencies by Edmund Nägele, covering Britain, Europe and North America.
Red Clover Studio - Landscape, floral and other nature images by Mark and Jill Castiglia, based in North Carolina.
Richfoto Ltd - UK photographer Richard Chambury takes and markets images of celebrity events worldwide and produces quality photography for media.
Ron Levy Photography - Interaction between people, animals, cultures -- a distinctive style for publications, ads and commercial projects.
Seth Resnick - The work of Miami-based stock photographer, teacher & author Seth Resnick, with corporate, editorial and fine art images.
Sprague Photo Stock - UK photographer Sean Sprague's photojournalism: worldwide travel -- society, health, and the environment.

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