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General Stock Agencies Worldwide

Acclaim Images - "Stock photography direct from the photographer" -- most subjects, RM/RF images and clip-art, from Americana to Yosemite.
Adams Picture Library - General stock of 14,000 images online, plus half-million slides: landscape, travel, wildlife, people, vintage fashion and more.
Ad Stock Images - Formerly The Stock Solution, offering high quality RM/RF images from top photographers and illustrators.
Artemis Images - Specializes in protection, preservation, management and marketing of visual assets for clients. Has a million+ archive online.
Arterra - Belgium-based stock library specializing in nature, environment and travel photography: Europe, North & Central America, Africa, and India.
Big Shot Stock - U.S. agency -- unique images of people in business, arts, sports, education, science, technology and more.
Diomedia - RM/RF images, most subjects. London-based, with operations in Belgrade, Zagreb and Russia.
Dynamite Stock Images - RM/RF images from around the world: animals, architecture, art, concepts, financial, food, people, patterns and other general stock.
First Light - Top Canadian source for stock photography. Reps 200 top Canadian stock photographers to the world through 40 agents.
Hola Images - High quality Hispanic stock imagery for advertising market. Both RM and RF. Focus is "the Latino way of life".
Image Envision - Provides publishers, designers, advertisers with high quality historical and contemporary stock photographs, illustrations, and clipart. - Diverse and dynamic collection of rights managed and royalty free images for advertisers, corporations and media/publishing professionals.
Imagestate - Specialist collections including historic archives and manuscripts, and reportage. General photos as well -- emotions, portraits, adventure.
Link Picture Library - London-based agency with worldwide photographic network. Archive has big South African, Indian and Chinese collections. All subjects.
Majority World CIC - Photography from the developing world, Asia, Africa and Latin America, by photographers who live and work there.
Maxppp - People, sports, graphics, news. Entire imagery collection available online. Same day images and archive photos.
Media Bakery - One of the world's largest media collections, offering images, footage and audio files. Over 1.4 million RM/RF products.
Millennium (London) - Features the work of young innovative photographers. Has strong individual style and is committed to contemporary photography. - "Award-winning, fair trade photography for the public interest community." For UN agencies and other public communicators. - Photographers in over 50 countries: commercial subjects, lifestyle, business, travel, wildlife, flora, parenting, sports, etc. Chicago-based. - 300,000+ images on most topics: architecture, business, concepts & ideas, education, families, financial planning green issues, etc.
Omni-Photo Communications - 100,000 rights protected images created by photographers on a project basis specially for the NYC-based agency.
PhotoAlto Image Bank - RF/RM stock photos: lifestyle, business, beauty, family, youth, children, healthcare, animals, sports, food, typography, food. Paris-based. - Stock images for paper products -- calendars, brochures, greeting cards, etc. RF/RM. Strong on cute and furry.
Photri Images - A new version of the old Photri (Microstock) business, with a large film-based archive that is being digitized. General subjects.
plainpicture - RM/RF images of daily life, family, leisure, vacation, jobs. HQ in Hamburg, Germany; office in London.
Stock Connection - Represents over 400 photographers from around the world. Business, concepts, landscapes, lifestyle and medical. For advertising/design use.
Stock Image Agency - An image database specializing in rights managed people stock. Small but growing.
SuperStock - RM/RF images for corporate, editorial and advertising. Includes fine art and vintage photos. - 15 million print-res RM and RF images taken by hundreds of photographers on all subjects. UK/USA-based.
The Image Works - Independent stock photography agency with specialized collections from around the world and a million photos online.
UpperCut - Seattle-base agency, representing photographers who combine inspiration with commercial appeal, for ads, design, corporate.
Veer - Affordable creative stock photography, illustrations, and typefaces. A Division of Corbis.
World of Stock - RF/RM. Supports Fair Trade Stock Photography, providing a balance between fair price to buyers/balanced share to photographers.
YouWorkForThem - Stock images including textures, patterns, smoke, wood, oils and ink, watercolor, places. Stock vectors, brushes and videos, too.


Africa - "To enable Africans to tell Africa's story in the global arena." Agriculture, history, education, events, and more.
Camerapix - 4m pics of Africa and Asia. Current affairs, historical events, people, tribal, wildlife, landscapes, rare aerial and underwater photography.

FotoAsia - High quality, innovative Asian images from Singapore-based company for the creative industry in Singapore and worldwide.
HBL Network Photo Agency - Asian agency with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong: general, high quality stock for editorial.
ImageRite - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore, and Japan RM/RF stock photos: business, healthcare, shopping, spa, tourism, sports, emotional concepts.
PhotoAsia - Represents over 80 photographers, mostly Malaysian, and is licensed agent for dozens of western photo libraries.
PhotoKore - A royalty-free stock photography site dedicated to offering the best Asian images to the world.

DW Stock Picture Library - One of Australia's leading stock image galleries: animals, landscapes, cities, plus general stock subjects. - Australian general photo stock, featuring a broad range of contemporary subjects but with an emphasis on high quality.

EuroPics - Extensive archive material from central and eastern Europe. Sister site of CEN.

Van Parys Media - Creative & editorial. Business, people, concepts, industry, travel, nature, food, science: from Brussels, Belgium.

Artzooks - Canadian company offering images from over 50 sources, including Rubberball, Goodshoot, AbleStock and others. Reps individual photographers, too.
British Columbia Photos - Landscape, nature, wildlife, sports, recreation, industry, travel, business, cities, agriculture, and concepts. RM/RF.
The Canadian Press Images Archive - Award-winning editorial, rights managed or royalty free news images: Canada, its people and history. 2 million images.
First Light - Top Canadian source for stock photography. Reps 200 top Canadian stock photographers to the world through 40 agents. - From KeenART Media of Vancouver, Canada, a collection of city, scenery, parks and lifestyle images with focus on tourism. - Enables stock photographers to find buyers + provides gallery and lab services for event photographers. Quebec-based.
Spectrum Stock - Based in Ontario, Canada: general RM-only photography and illustrations for advertising agencies, textbooks and retail publishers.

China Foto Press - One of the top photo agencies in China with 3000 contracted photographers and over 50 media partners.
Chinapix Limited - Specializes in photos and feature stories on China for Western media: people, landscape, modern and rural life.

Czech Republic
Allphoto - General stock agency with special collections on travel, interiors, celebrities, and film -- via other agencies.
Profimedia - Creative and editorial images, celebrities, paparazzi, news, sports, retro. RM/RF. Special sites for Hungary and Slovakia.

Foci Image Library - Rights managed and royalty free images, from Denmark and internationally. Plus largest scientific image file in Denmark.

Focus - Image library specializing in Estonian stock photography. Based in Tallinn.

Europe - Original vintage photographs 1900-1980s, chiefly from Italy, USA, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.

All Over Press Finland - A leading picture agency chain in Northern Europe + representation of around 50 Finnish photographers.
MVphotos - Based in Finland. High quality journalism and reportage, plus marketing of international photos to Finnish market.
Pictorium - A top selection of real-life and contemporary images featuring Finnish lifestyle, people, nature and business.

adoc-photos - Historical photographs. Classic photographic masterpieces as well as the work of unknown amateurs. Paris-based.
Ask Images - Paris-based photo agency for topical and feature-style photos from around the world. People, religion, sports, travel, women.
Oeil Public - French photojournalist collective, with a corporate image archive attached. (Now frozen.)
Photo 12 - A leading French picture agency: cinema, celebrities, fine art, history, travel, religion, lifestyle, and other images.
Rue des Archives - Major French stock agency, with 3 million pictures from AGIP plus many other collections. Specialty photographers, too.
StudioX - French and German sites: food, people, babies, health, animals, decor, botanical, travel, reportage.
Tendance floue - French avant garde collective. "Tendance floue's language is to be found in the dialogue between photographs."

Germany - Politics, culture, professional stock pictures and illustrations - over 100,000 images online from German agency.
BlueBox - Professionally photographed images for editorial and advertising use. Based in Hamburg.
Caro Fotoagentur - German agency, offering editorial images on society, people, events, nature, history, and architecture. Has Polish subsidiary.
Chromorange Photostock - Photos for catalogs, posters, outdoor advertising and Internet. Lizenzfrei (RF) and lizenzpflichtig (RM). Based in Rosenheim, Germany.
dpp images - German agency, serving Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with subsidiary serving Denmark, Norway and Sweden. News, celebrities, stock.
F1online - German stock agency that offers a selection of 2 million rights managed and royalty free images from major collections.
Fotex - From German company Fotex Medien Agentur: RM/RF images. General stock, celebrities, flora & fauna.
interfoto - Large German agency offering many collections: art, history, movie, personalities, geography, travel, botany, zoology.
laif - German picture agency: economy, architecture, portraits, travel and images of Germany. 250 freelance photographers.
Ostkreuz - Based in Berlin, Germany: portraits, photo essays, reports, landscapes, architecture, panoramas, travel, and fashion.
plainpicture - RM/RF images of daily life, family, leisure, vacation, jobs. HQ in Hamburg, Germany; office in London.
Stock4B - RF/RM images. German site. Lifestyle, business, artistic editorial. Buzzwords: sustainability, optimism, light.

Apeiron Photos - Greek stock photo agency representing 60 top international agencies plus independent photographers.
IML Image Group - Based in Athens: features and RM/RF images from Greek and foreign photographers for overseas market, plus international images for Greek market.
Invision Images - Based in Athens, Greece; photography concerning social/political matters, everyday life and travel.

Hollandse Hoogte - Represents around 300 photographers in the Netherlands and 100 international photo agencies.

Dinodia - Advertising, editorial and historical images. Representing 500+ photographers. Includes world's largest Mahatma Gandhi collection.
Hornbil Images - Stock image agency in India, with two showcase sites: SouthIndiaPicture.Com and, for international pics, ShootAndStock.Com.
STSimages - Pictures from over 200 contributing photographers, both professional and serious amateurs, from India & abroad.

Imagefile Ireland - Stock photography library based in Dublin, Ireland, representing over 50 of the world's top RM/RF brands. 3 million+ images.
KeeWi Photography - Images of Ireland: its people, landscapes, animals, and activities. With hi-res royalty free downloads.
PicStash - Irish stock photos with a creative edge: Irish landmarks, lifestyle, food & drink, tech, nature, business and more.

CuboImages - Based in Milan, CuboImages sells photos of every aspect of Italian life style, food, territory, and tradition, to agencies and magazines.
Milestone Media - Advertising and editorial images from Italy's Milestone Media. "From people to geography, from industry to food."
TIPS - Photographers' agency, headquartered in Milan, Italy, with UK, North & South America, Europe and Asia-specific sites, and agents in 31 countries.

Images of Japan - RM images by Japanese and international photographers represented by Pacific Press Service. Modern and historical: people, places and things.
JTB-Photo - Rights managed images from Japanese agency JTB Photo Communications. Scenic, concept, industrial, leisure and other subjects.
PhotoJapan - Diverse collection of professional-quality photos of Japan: traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. RM only.
Uniphoto Press - One of the leading photo agencies in Tokyo, Japan, offering high-quality images from 1000 sources in 30 countries.

Timespace - Based in Seoul, Korea. Reps 405 Korean photographers and gets image/multimedia content from over 100 agencies around the world.

New Zealand
Focus New Zealand - Specialist New Zealand stock image library with the work of 80+ photographers: buildings, concepts, events, food, travel.

Scanpix - Leading provider of visual content to Norwegian media companies, formed by merger of NTB-image and Scan Photo. 10 million digital images and video clips.

Agencja Fotograficzna Caro - Caro's Polish agency covering "people, city & village, religion, travel, Germany, World, communication & infrastructure".
BE&W Agencja Fotograficzna - Images from Poland and the world. RM/RF. Nature, sport, business, architecture, showbusiness. Based in Warsaw.

Casa da Imagem - Draws from 50+ international stock agencies via THPphotoservices, but also has specialist Portuguese collection + lifestyle site Trendy Images.
CityFiles - Based in Lison, Portugal: photo and features agency that carries the work of Portuguese and Brazilian photographers, plus celebrity interviews, daily news and articles.

RIA Novosti - Over 600,000 images devoted to Russia and the former Soviet Union: history, politics, defense, economy, arts. About a third scanned and tagged.
Russian Look - Pro photographers from Russia and former Soviet Republics: features, portraits, landscape, architecture, still life, corporate, advertising, nude, concepts.
Vostock Media Photo Agency - RM/RF images from Russian and worldwide sources. Based in Moscow.

South Africa
Great Stock! - Southern African library containing RM/RF shots of wildlife, landmarks, and other general subjects including contemporary lifestyle and industrial images.

Arte Facto - BancoImágenes - Spanish stock photography from over 100 photographers. All subjects. Needs registration. Low RF prices.
FotOnline - Entertainment images, music, cinema and theatre, sports, celebs, and more. From Barcelona, Spain.

Ina Agency Press - Swedish agency offering images from many sources on most subjects: business, work, home, science, garden, health, sensual and more.
Link Image - Swedish agency representing the work of dozens of photographers: travel imagery, general pics.
NordicPhotos - "Your image provider from the north" brings images of places, people and everything from the Nordic countries.

Keystone - Based in Zurich, Switzerland. Creative: leisure & lifestyle, food & drink and other general stock; plus editorial: news, sports, historical.
Sodapix - Swiss photo agency for editorial/commercial RM/RF images. Great search engine. Sales team in USA. Most subjects covered.

Photobank - Substantial collection of Thai images: lifestyle, traditions, landscapes, festivals, people, food, beaches, art, history.

Image Crea - RM/RF images from Turkey, presented in an original way, plus licensed images from other libraries for Turkish market.

Photolibrary - Quality content for the UK from 50 RF collections and over 1000 RM collections: all subjects, food, gardens, nature, music, etc. Footage, too.

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