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News Photos

From around the world

Here you will see two sections devoted to news photography: stock images to support breaking News stories, and images to support News Features.

Access to many of the sites listed on News is intended for professionals only. For example, you'll need a password to see what's available on Press Association Images.

Other News sites are more general. Several of them are great for casual browsing, while Newscom even offers some free content.

News Features gives you direct links to well-known sources of photojournalism, such as Magnum Photos and Contact Press Images.

Also on News Features you'll find links to foreign sites such as Oculi from Australia, Moment Agency from Scandinavia, and Gazeta from Poland.

Some of the regional sites, such as Noor Images, based in Holland, carry news photos from other parts of the world as well as their own.


Top creative shots

If you're looking for the highest quality, creative photography for editorial, advertising or corporate use, so-called "Boutique" agencies are the place to go.

For example, the AP Images collection of fine photography is one of the best-known, but there are now many others vying for business.

You can find boutique sites that specialize in quite a narrow range of imagery, such as the delightful Picdesk from Australia that carries only images of women.

Photographers themselves get together to form boutique collectives, such as Lens Modern, founded by 50 top photographers.

By using our directory you'll be able to locate images that are both striking and unusual. They may be just what you need, instead of returning to your usual sources.

Here you can check out the great beauty shots on UrbanLip and find other great places to acquire quality photos.


Images from everywhere

Our stock photo Travel sections are among our most extensive. Remember: we're linking to agencies, many of which offer hundreds of thousands of images. Together they have billions of images from every corner of Earth.

There are two main Travel directories: Travel: World and Travel: Regional

Travel: World contains the non-specialist agencies that have images from most countries in the world. For example, Robert Harding carries RM photos from 220 countries.

Many of the libraries in Travel: Regional are no less extensive, but they tend to concentrate on specific areas of the globe.

For example, All Canada Photos brings you great images of Canada, taken by 100 photographers. Photo New Zealand does a similar job down under.

Inevitably, travel subjects overlap with those covered by our Nature, Landscape, Wildlife and Marine, Sailing, Surfing directories. And don't forget to visit Online Photo Communities for a wider choice.