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Aerial and Satellite

Aerial Stock - Cameron Davidson's aerial photography shot from helicopters and low-flying aircraft. Corporate, advertising and editorial.
AirPhotoNA - 100,000 high quality stock aerial images with coverage from Alaska and Labrador to Costa Rica and the Lesser Antilles. - Dutch site offering aerial oblique photography from several top originators, sponsored by Aerophoto-Schiphol.
Altitude - The Altitude represents around 90 aerial photographers worldwide, with the emphasis on pictorial quality. French, with English translations.
Desair - Aerial photos of Switzerland. Town views, industry, energy, environment, mountains and special motifs.
DigitalGlobe - A leading global provider of commercial, high-resolution, world imagery products and services, from satellites.
Geoslides/Geo Aerial Photography - UK group of aerial photographers with associates in Europe, including Scandinavia, Australia and Africa. High and low obliques, historical, and other images.
Last Refuge - Aerial images of British and world locations, plus civil and military aviation, science, wildlife, and general photography. "Documenting our disappearing world."
Skyscan Photolibrary - This UK site began with balloon photography, then included the work of top aviation photographers shooting from planes, helicopters and gliders.
TerraServer - The largest variety of aerial photos, satellite images, oblique imagery and USGS topo maps on the Internet.
Window on the World - Offbeat travel photography by David Usill, with a large collection of balloon images and aerial landscapes.

Aviation and Airports - Huge, independent archive specializing in world aircraft and aviators: historic, modern, civil, military, interiors, exteriors, technical, generic. Top photographers.
Chris Sorensen Photography - A specialist in aviation photography, based in Playa del Rey, California.
Heathrow Photo Library - UK-based airport and aviation photography, featuring images from Heathrow Airport: aircraft, operations, people, retail, etc.
Royal Air Force Museum - The history of British military aviation, containing about 250,000 images in a variety of formats, particularly b/w prints. Some are online via Navigator.
NA3T - UK-based image library covering the "3Ts" - Transport, Travel and Trade - with emphasis on aviation (7,000+ online scans) and road transport.

Astronomy & Space

Galaxy Picture Library - Run by author, consultant and broadcaster Robin Scagell: astronomy photos by 120 photographers worldwide, plus clouds, weather and atmospheric phenomena.
Stocktrek Images - Royalty free imagery of the Earth, military operations from around the world, and space exploration.

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